I choose accounting as my major because I found corporate financial statements interesting. I believed that a working knowledge of accounting was essential to making good business decisions. though i am not very good in analyzing financial data but I discovered that I have a talent for seeing trends. in the data that others don't see.http://youtu.be/z9hPbgiZYXc


The basic requirement needed and the level of education is for accounting is Bachelor’s degree and Master's degree. the courses are math, English,economics and government. Accounting is divided into different types,some are Audition,public accounting, tax professional,forensic accounting,financial advisor and consultant. some of these require master’s degree and some do not.


The salary varies,its depends on the types of accounting job, for The median expected salary for a typical Accountant I in

the United States is $44,328, Accountant II in the United States is $53,199,a typical Accountant III in the United States is $64,239, Accountant IV in the United States is $74,662, The median expected salary for a typical Cost Accountant I in the United States is $46,533, it all depends on the classes you are on that how you are going to get paid.


The hours that accounting works varies, like for those Accountants and auditors that work in offices, They may work a standard of 40-hour per week, like the Tax accountants they often work long hours during the tax season. Accountants that work for the government and public companies may work longer hours because some my go to other companies.

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It depends on the company. A small local firm may offer no benefits at all. large firm might offer medical, dental, retirement, vacation and many other benefits but a Small business owners can't often be heard to say that they can’t afford an accountant or that they think an accountant is just there to fill out forms to keep the tax man happy, so they might not offer no benefit.

Availability (potential job growth)
The Demand is going to go up because a lot of people need assistance in their various regulation and also in their financial aspect.

Rules (and Penalties):
There are many rules and regulations in the field of accounting. Many of these are created for the interest of the public, who rely upon a company's financial statements and accounting practices as the basis of their investments,and some rules are as follows http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/cpa/article149.htm

Opportunities for growth (more money!):
in other to think about more money when getting into accounting,i think its all depends on the person involved and what they planned on getting like their certificate and degrees because it the certificate and the level of education you get that determine the position you can hold in the office and also its depends and how you are going to get paid.

Caveats--bad things about this job you should know:
You can not boast about big-name contacts [perhaps less likely with accountant. If you're going to try to evidence your credibility it will often be best to talk about other clients that are similar in some way to the person you're talking to, also you can’t spend alot of time and effort to elaborate plans rather than making phone calls [perhaps the equivalent here is when the accountant makes grand promises and has big ideas during a meeting but doesn't follow through either at all or not on a timely basis.the person involve and not start doing his own thing rather than what you asked him to do [If you need to do more than the client has asked for, best to get authority beforehand rather than doing the work and trying to bill for something that client didn't ask for and wasn't aware he needed.
this is a quote of Guy Kingston’s Antidote to Business Advice
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In the real world,Many people choose to do what they know they are most comfortable with why some do what ever that comes there way without thinking ahead knowing its a deal of a life time. I decided to choose Accounting because that what i know am most comfortable with and also i know its going to contribute to my future.