Requirements : The basic requirements needed for this career would be the education level of bachelors degree and the masters degree. The courses would be math , English , economics and government. The accounting is separated into different types one would be auditioning , public accounting , tax professional, forensic accounting , finacial advisory and consultant. Some require master degrees and some not.

Personal thoughts : I wanted to pick accounting as my major because i found financial statements important to my life and i love counting and working with money. I also believe that accounting is important because its about making good business choices and will help me prepare and learn further more in life i can take with me. I'm not very well with analyzing financial data but ill never know how to be good at it unless i try and ill never know unless i try. I always like to try new things and get into business and would like to put on a business suit. I want to be and accountant

Sometimes You Just need To Have A Certain Amount Of Confidence To make it.

Accountants :
keep track of a company's money.
The company's managers and people outside the company read their reports. Managers look at the accountants' reports to see how well their companies are doing. Governments use the reports to tell how much tax a company should pay. Some people read them to decide if they want to do business with the company. Others use them to decide if they want to lend money to the company or not.

SALARY : The salary Depends on the type of the accounting job. But for the median expected salary for a typical accountant in united states would be $44,328. Level two accountant would be $53,199 level three would be $64,234 and it all depends on the classes or specific accountant you chose and that's how you are going to get paid in your career. In other words as you work your way up to the top the money increases in your income for your accountant career.
Accountancy – this profession is all about understanding and managing the finances of all kinds of organisations.

How you get ready?

Most accountants have a college degree in accounting. Public accountants have to take a special test as well, resulting in a certification. Public accountants also must have a special license from the State in which they live. Most employers want accountants who know quite a bit about computers. Previous experience in a summer or part-time internship is also a plus.
How much this job pays?

In May 2008, the average yearly wages of accountants and auditors were $65,840. Earnings of accountants depend on how long they have been working.
How many jobs are there?

There were 1.3 million accountants 2008. Most of them worked in cities, because that is where the large companies tend to be.

Hours: The hours for a typical Regular accountant would be 40 hours a week,

Benefit: Depends on company chosen.

According to this website.

Rules & Consequences:
There are many rules and regulations in the field of accounting. Many of these are created for the interest of the public, who rely upon a company's financial statements and accounting practices as the basis of their investments. If you get caught fraud's you can get arrested.

What a great foundation. Accounting is a type of puzzle. With journal entries and other documentation, you can piece together how a business is operating. Understanding the nuts and bolts of a business - how it operates, how it mitigates risks, how it makes money, etc - is an invaluable skill. So if you decide to pursue another career later on, you'll have already built a great business foundation.
You can use accounting as a gateway into areas of interest. Are you interested in the fashion industry, sports industry, finance industry? Would you prefer a large company in a metropolitan area or a small, private business in a small town in another country? Accounting might be one of the only professions that would be useful and always in demand across industries, companies, and countries.
It's not easy. You can't just leave at 6 every day. Whatever you are working on -- producing financial reports, analyzing estimates, closing the books -- has deadlines. It's a challenge that requires you to constantly brush up on your current events, current accounting updates, and staying aware of business activities within your company.

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