From Your Favorite T.V Shows to Your Favorite Movies. Actors Inspire People All Over The World. When I Was A Kid I Was Inspired By Movies Like “ Home Alone “, “Sunset Park “ And Even “Scarface”. I Can Remember Him Saying Quotes Like “ Say Hello To My Little Friend “. Being That I Was Inspired By T.V I Will Try To Inspire Others By Being An Actor Myself.

Actors express ideas and portray characters in theater, film, television, and other performing arts . They also work at theme parks and other live events. Sometimes They Have to interpret a writer’s script to entertain an audience.

When You Are Trying To become An Actor It Wouldn’t Just be A Walk In The Park It Comes With A Bunch Of Challenges As Well. For Example Their Might Be A Script You Have To Remember Or A Scene You May Not Be Comfortable With Doing Or Even You Will Have To Do a Stunt That Can Hurt You.

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The median hourly wage of actors was $17.44 in May 2010.

But You Will Always Have To Work Your Way From The Bottom To The Top.

You Can Take One Of Your Favorite Actors As A Perfect Example Of That.

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Actors Like Will Smith Make Close To 30.000.000,00$ A Year

Hugh Jackman Known As " Wolverine " Make 14.000.000,00$ A Year

And Johnny Depp Makes Close To The Same As WIll Smith At 29,000,000,00$

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Sometimes You Just need To Have A Certain Amount Of Confidence To make it.When You Are An Actor You Have A Chance To move Up And Down The Economic Ladder Depending On What You Are Working On And What You Are Acting For Because If You Get Your Hands On A Big Movie OR Commercial Script You Can Be Touching Big Money Quicker.