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Airline and Commercial Pilots

Why i want this career

This career is so amazing finding a way to travel the world and at the same time being at work. Airline pilots fly for airlines that transport people and cargo on a fixed schedule. Having all this job i would feel like I’m helping someone dream come true many people have not even travel never in their life and this is a way of me helping them. Or this job could help people go see their family that lives in another country. I believe this job is so amazing because i could help people in many ways it does not matter if it’s business,family matter , or even a little vacation .With this job as a Airline Pilot i feel like i would be helping people .I love to see a smile in people face No matter if its taking the people from point A to point .

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Commercial pilot’s license. All pilots who are paid to transport passengers or cargo must have a commercial pilot's license.
a commercial pilot's license. "To qualify for this license, applicants must be at least 18 Applicants must also pass a strict physical exam to make sure that they are in good health, must have vision that is correctable to 20/20, and must have no physical handicaps that could impair their performance."

"To fly during periods of low visibility, pilots must be rated to fly by instruments. They may qualify for this rating by having at least 40 hours of instrument flight experience. Pilots also must pass a written exam and show an examiner their ability to fly by instruments."

"Airline certifications. Currently, airline captains must have an airline transport pilot certificate. In 2013, new regulations will require first officers to have this certificate as well. Applicants must be at least 23 years old, have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight time, and pass written and flight"

"Once hired by an airline, new pilots undergo additional company training that usually includes 6-8 weeks of ground school and 25 hours of additional flight time. After they finish this training, airline pilots must keep their certification by attending training once or twice a year."


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The first are benefits that pilots negotiate with their company that include pay, vacation, health plans, travel benefits, etc. These benefits are different for every airline.
"These benefits are different for every airline. On the other hand, you have professional benefits, and these include a challenging and occasionally "exciting" career, job satisfaction, travel...plus a window-filled "office" with the most stunning views in the world!"

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Caveats--bad things about this job you should know.

” -Captain at a major airline
“Sometimes the airline won’t give us lunch breaks or even time to eat. We have to delay flights just so we can get food.” -First officer on a regional carrier
“We tell passengers what they need to know. We don’t tell them things that are going to scare the pants off them. So you’ll never hear me say, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we just had an engine failure,’ even if that’s true.” -Jim Tilmon, retired American Airlines pilot, Phoenix
“The Department of Transportation has put such an emphasis on on-time performance that we pretty much aren’t allowed to delay a flight anymore, even if there are 20 people on a connecting flight that’s coming in just a little late.” -Commercial pilot, Charlotte, North Carolina


Why this career is for me ?
Being a pilot would be the job I would love to wake up and see something new every day . With this job I would get to travel the world while I am working and also I would be able to help out many people to get around the world . To me being a pilot would not be a job it would be more of a career and something I would love to do everyday . To travel and see whats out there around the world .