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Kevin Santiago
Job Title: Art Director

"Have you ever wondered about the endless possibilities that can be done with your imagination? The many wonderful things that can be created with just a sheet of paper and your hands and the ability to make those papers come to life with a click of a mouse. Being an art director has many opportunities to express yourself and really use your mind and art/computer skills to create something that could be the next big thing and have the ability to push further and further to make the dream come true and become successful. I want to be part of this job in order to finally be able to show the world my creative mind with the help of the many other creative minds out there to create something so cool it becomes known worldwide. The only limit is how far your imagination can go."


Duties/Requirements(AKA. mad stuff to learn :P)

Art directors typically do the following:

    • Representing a concept visually
    • Choose the perfect photographs, art, or other designs to use for the project.
    • Develop the overall look or style of the project whether it is a publication, an advertising campaign, or a theater, television, or film set
    • Review and approve of the different designs, artwork, photography, and graphics created by your team.
    • Talk to clients to develop an artistic approach and style
    • Coordinate activities with other artistic or creative departments
    • Make the budget
    • Present designs to clients for approval


"So basically in order to be an art director, education is important, you need to have graduated from high school and need a bachelors degree in order to get any job in the Art director business. Also you need to have people skills- which I personally do not have alot of but i would Need to be social in order to understand other peoples ideas and open up your mind to what other people like and not just what you would like. You also need to be creative and very imaginative in order to come up with some awesome designs that you can be proud of and that everyone can like and relate to. You must also learn how to be organized and be a leader. I definitely can make it happen"
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Definitely need one of these...

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It doesn't matter what kind of education you get as long as you get a bachelors degree in some field of art and computer design. Anything in fine arts would be fine to get a job as an art director.

Work Experience
Art directors normally have some experience in other jobs such as graphic designs or illustration or photographer depending what you want to do when you become an art director. Also for many artists, developing a portfolio very important because Managers, clients, etc. look at an artist’s portfolio when they are deciding whether they should hire the person or not. About 5-6 years in another job relating to art directors is required.

Advancement opportunities

Art directors don't have much advancement because they are already in a supervisory position.

Important Qualities

Communication skills. Art directors must be able to listen to and speak to the members of their team or staff and also their clients to make sure that they understand the ideas of their team and clients’ desires for advertisements, publications, or movie sets etc.

Creativity. Art directors must be creative and come up with new ideas for what ever the project may be.
Leadership skills. Art directors must be organized, direct, and be able to motivate other artists. Need to be a true and fair leader.
Time management skills.There will be multiple projects to work on and strict deadlines in order to stay on top.



Total Base Salary $94,182
Bonuses $7,192
Value of Benefits Social Security $7,755
401K/403B $3,852
Disability $710
Healthcare $6,507
Pension $6,488
Time Off $12,477
Total Compensation $139,162


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Working Conditions

In a typical work setting, people in this career:
Interpersonal Relationships
  • NEED TO BE SOCIAL and work well with others.
  • Great responsibility for the work that your team creates
  • Work with teams or groups of people. It is extremely important for art directors to know how to pick and work with teams.
  • Clients and creative staff may disagree over the way they want the project.
Physical Work Conditions
  • Spend a lot of time in doors
  • Are sometimes exposed to sounds and loud noises that are uncomfortable.
  • Working in the same environment as everyone else

Work Performance
  • Must be very exact and complete in their work. Making a mistake can be very bad and cost a lot of money to fix
  • Repeating the same things over and over again.
  • Art directors create their own goals and tasks to accomplish.
  • Make decisions often that affect other people and their company.
  • Must meet strict deadlines everyday.
  • Work from 40 hours or more per week.
  • Will travel from place to place to meet with clients.

"Hmmm... I can see from what I found out, that the Working schedule may seem pretty hectic sometimes since I would be stuck in a room and sharing the space with others but that would be perfectly fine with me because it’ll help me with my horrible people skill. It also sounds stressful because you have to be exact and make sure you do the job near perfect because it can cost money to fix a small problem like the font size or color on a poster you create or something and that would really suck & wouldnt want to lose my job just because the color was suppose to be dark green but I put a darkish green. im pretty sure I won't make mistakes since i'm making a sweet salary of over 90 thousand a year."

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"Well what more can I say? Drawing and creativity is my thing and this job would be perfect for me because I get to express my ideas and create so much awesome things, from posters for some random flower shop or the concept art for the next awesome video game. This career has so many opportunities for me and helps me be who I am and having fun while doing some serious work. So lets see... hours of me being me and having fun and doing creative work.... I think I can definitely live with that!"
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Awesome movie covers created by an Art director and his/her team :D
Can Make Awesome stuff like this
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