Jonathan Maysonet
To Become a Boxing Trainer

Location: Gleasons Gym’ World famous boxing gym in brooklyn, NY
Church Street boxing Gym
Trinity Boxing
Mendez Boxing
Kingsway Boxing

-Becoming a certified boxing trainer is a practical career trajectory for a former amateur or professional boxer and someone who would consider themselves an expert. Certified trainers carry a lot of responsibility, as they typically help boxers prepare mentally and physically for fights, as well as expand their skill set and general knowledge. The process of becoming a certified boxing trainer takes some dedication but, if you enjoy the sport it should be well worth it and open you up to new opportunities.

1st Step: Is to fill out an application for your boxing license. Boxing License is: Professional Boxer Meaning ( You can’t fight outside of your gym only if self defense) -Is Optional.

2nd Step: Can get to know other trainers in the gym or even work with them training there boxers. -Optional.

3rd Step: It takes hard work, Focus, Fast learner, Strength, Have heart, Have to be Punctual and ready to train your boxers.

4th Step: Gyms don’t accept lack of trainers. Must have a good reputation.

5th Step: Have to arrive to the gym early, your option to train or get or help other trainers clean.

6th Step: Must have a clean record, Drug tests available.

Salary: Depends the gym location and how busy the gyms are. the more training the more money. Just know that the money the people you train give you, you have to pay half to the owner of the gym.

I have gotten this information from my brother Mathew Lee Armstrong and myself Jonathan Maysonet. I hope this information that we've given you will help you through the process of becoming a boxing trainer. ; Freddy roach, most famous trainer, trainer of pacecco. former boxer. freddy roach has trained a lot of fighters that you see on hbo tv, to be honest freddy roach is training my brother Mathew Lee Armstrong next summer so if you looking for information you look up their name and find out more info.