Job Title : Business Owner

A small business owner would make up to $233,600. The average salary of a business owner in retail would be $169,500. 38% less than a median for all small business owners.

The reason to why I want to be a Business Owner is because I know that I would be the perfect fix for this job and I enjoy being the one that people come to when it comes to organizing things. The reason for me wanting to be a business owner is be I like being the person in control of things. I like to be the person people come to for help about anything to do or something to do when they don't have anything to do. Wanting to have a business with a variety of things in one that I don't hear that people have or are planning to do makes me want to start my business even more.

Someone that makes sure that the business runs well. Works closely with company partners owner , planning different events, maintaining facilities, equipment, coordinate supportive services of an organization and have to include record keeping
Duties may include pricing products from vendors, interviewing job applicants, managing payroll, and reimbursing members of the firm for out-of-pocket business expenses.

Its not required to have a college degree to own a business having a college degree just gives you a better understanding of being a business owner and the it entails. There are various educational career paths that can be taken to become a business person.You can choose from earning an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree in business administration

Health Benefits For A Business Owner - Most business owners and employees do not have health coverage because of the high cost of the insurance policies