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How To Become A Chef

  • Becoming a Chef is actually not hard. all it consist of is a two through four year experience with a college and earning a degree.

  • Also may be trained in apprenticeship programs offered by professional culinary institutes.

  • People who have taken courses in commercial food preparation may be able to start in a cook or chef job without having to spend time in a lower skilled kitchen job.

  • Practice learning to preparing food

Job Description

  • Executive Chef- In charge of everything including menu creation, personnel management and business aspects

  • Chef De Cuisine-is either equivalent to an executive chef position, a position overseeing numerous establishments in a group of restaurants in charge of several executive chefs or a position equivalent to a sous chef, under the command of an executive sous chef.

  • Sous Chef-is the direct assistant of the executive chef. The Sous Chef often shares some duties with the executive chef, such as menu planning, costing and ordering. Larger kitchens often have more than one sous chef, with each covering a certain shift or having his or her own area of responsibility, such as the banquet sous chef, in charge of all banquets, or the executive sous chef, in charge of all other sous chefs.


Job Description May include:

  • Create, plan and price menus

  • Prepare and cook the food according to customer's order
  • Arrange and garnish the food for serving
  • Supervise other kitchen staff
  • Maintain cleanliness in the work place
  • Supervise cleaning and dish washing
  • Buy food supplies and cooking equipment
  • Keep records of supplies.


  • Although some restaurants do provide a full uniform, many culinary chefs must purchase their own chef coats, chef pants and knives. Chef also must provide their own special slip-resistant shoes.




On average, here’s what cooks at all levels reported they make:

• Chef/Owner: $85,685

• Executive Chef: $79,402

• Chef DE Cuisine: $57,417

• Sous Chef: $42,266

• Line Cook: $29,662

• Pastry Chef: $48,861

In case you wonder how your work schedule compares to the average, here goes:

  • Weekly, workloads range from an average of 45 hours for a private club chef (those guys who draw the nice salaries) to 62 for a Chef DE Cuisine.

  • The typical chef/owner or executive chef puts in a “traditional” 60-hour week.