I am want to be I coach because I like sports, most of all softball. I have experience in this sport, I have played for 5 years, and I like to help other persons or kids for that learn every sport.

In the softball team my experience is enjoyable I am learning everything about softball and I has much friends.

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Coaching requirements are varied depending on the sport and giving academic level where this kind. begin to get some coaching experience with the younger guys with more experience to reach a more advanced school co boys ages but it would be a high school. to be a professional coach requires many years of experience and a college degree and a record of victories in the previous school that worked. also something very important is that those who are inexperienced and are beginning must meet several requirements to become a coach.

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Coaches and scouts had average yearly wages of $35,580 in May 2008.

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According to the BLS page (sports coach job)."Coaches often work irregular work hours. Coaches can work Saturdays, Sundays, evenings, and holidays. Full time coaches usually work more than 40 hours a week for several months during the sports season." (BLS)

More than 40 hours per week is difficult, but when we like what we do don’t put limits on how much time we spend on the job.


Scocial security, 401K/403B, disability, healthcare, pension, time off.

Opportunities for growth (more money).

The opportunity to grow more in this work is having years of experience, so able to become a professional coach and earn more money and work and be a college coach of a professional team.

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Job outlook

Employment of coach is expected to continue this work to continue to grow even more,although some countries like United States made ​​a very important sportis the organization, recreation and entertainment for the physical condition of many people this organization will help the growth of this employment.

Patience: I as a coach must not only comply with the formation of sport also I have an obligation to be patient with some difficulties that may arise, I have to have the ability of these athletes pay attention and follow my instructions and if they do not remind them that uel are inside your computer.

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Discipline: When a coach of a team, I must maintain discipline in athletes, should they / as knowing the team has rules to follow and who does not comply should be punished with extra exercises, this does not mean that I as a coach is as a soldier, but if I have to discipline athletes. I had some experience in the subject of discipline in my training softball once I did what the coach sent me and I had to do extra exercises.

Be fair: Something very important I have to know when a coach of a team is to treat all athletes the same way that the team does not feel isolated, because it's there when athletes who are rebels do not want to pay attention, because I feel I have a preference for coaching other athletes, and in some cases trying to draw attention to larger issues like the do not come to a workout or something like that.

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In conclusion this work helps many people who want to get to athletes, a coach teaches us

how to excel in the sport we practice every day making us better athletes but, with training

we can make very good athletes, and not only that but it also the credit coach would win

because while the coach has more experience can occur much more as a coach.