Samantha Romero

Without computers life would be pointless. You need internet for everything and anything you do. Computers are an inessential way of life. People depend on technology wherever they go, not a day that goes by that people aren't using computers , cell phones , cars and much more. This job helps you better understand what goes on in the computer business and what it takes for a computer to run properly. Without the benefits of this job the hard drives in the computers would crash and everyone would be going crazy that nothing works anymore.
I want to become a part of the computer business, to make a difference and build faster working computers that won’t crash or catch virus’. Something you can depend on and that would always work the same way you bought it. This job is perfect for me because I have so much experience with computers , so why not make a career with it. We all know we hate it when our computers crash and we can’t do anything anymore with it and we have to pay countless money on one problem. There are times when I tend to have a aggressive side and become straightforward with people when I need things to get done.

images.jpegComputer and Information's Systems Manager
Requirements : Have a high school diploma or GED;

Complete a bachelor's or graduate degree;
Have 5 to 10 years of work experience in information technology (IT);
Be self-confident and persuasive;
Have strong IT and business knowledge and skills;
Be able to direct and motivate people;
Have strong communication skills

Salary :$135,052
Hours :Work more than 40 hours a week
Benefits : Paid Vacations & Holidays , Health Insurance and a Retirement plan
Availability: 10-19 Percent
Working on a Contract : They do not work on a contract generally.

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