Art Curator
Get Paid to Work with Art

As an art curator you can have a creative and stimulating job that may include:
  • Visiting artists' studios to learn about their work and select pieces for exhibitions
  • Evaluating art works that collectors wish to donate to a museum
  • Selecting art from the museum's collection to be displayed in the gallery spaces
  • Working with curators at other museums to organize traveling exhibitions
  • Writing about art for catalogs, brochures, magazines, or books
  • Helping corporations develop art collections
Today, the profession is open to anyone with a love of art, and chief curators can earn $50,000 or more per year, depending on how long the person has held the position, the museum's prestige, and the curator's reputation.

As a curator you might travel the world to check out new artists or exhibitions. Parties are another big perk of the job. Most museums host exhibition openings throughout the year, as well as fund-raising galas and special receptions for major donors.

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