Why do you want to help the deaf?
I want to help interpret for the because I think sign language is a intelligent way of counicatmming. Its also about helping people too, because deaf people have the hardest time trying to communicate with hearing people. Also i want to educate the hearing people about the deaf and let them know deaf people are more mentality smart because they have to remember all the signs and be able to express how they feel through there hands, which is amazing.

What type of education do you need?
You need an Associates of Arts Degree, The skills that are needed, you have to be able to understand and express ASL messages. You have to be able to identify and use all hand gestures clearly. you have to be able to respond and react to facial expressions. Involve finger-spelling correctly

How much is the job salary? How many hours of work do you have to put in?
Well in NYC the pay for being an interpreter is 48,000, most interpreters in NYC work about 6-8 hours but some interpreters work 24 hours.They are self-employed so if there's no work they don't make no money.
Job growth (Availabitly) ?
Sign Language Interpreter is predicted to increase up to 42% from now 2012-2020, much faster then average so this means this will be a safe job.

What are the Cons about working as a deaf interpreter?
Some interpreters are self-employed so they get paid whenever there's a job. If there's no job there's no money.

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