A start for dentist they all start as a dental assistant because they need to learn how to take cavities out of people teeth.
In order to become a dentist you must learn the basics about dentistry such as be good with x-rays and you must have patience as well.
Another thing is that you must know what you doing because if you don't know what you doing then there's a possibility that you will mess up someone's mouth and put their teeth in the wrong spots.
All dentist work hard because if they mess up a patient's mouth then they would lose the job and most dentist ain’t lazy. Most dentist goes to school for medical assistance for like 2-4 years then they end up going for dentistry for like another 2-4 years so they could know everything about the medicine to put in the patient. The best thing about it is that while the people go to school they practice doing all the things that dentists do which is take teeth out, treat teeth, floss, put medicine in their mouth and etc,.

There is a lot a things that all dentists must learn and also they must have a licence to be a dentist. Most dentists are really good with science since the fact that dentistry deals with all types of technology. They all suppose to have patience because if they rush through everything they would eventually forget to do something or they may do something wrong. All dentists are suppose to learn about the gums and about all types of teeth. There are different types of teeth such as the Wisdom Tooth, 3rd Molar, 2nd Molar, 1st Molar, 2nd Premolar, 1st Premolar, Canine, Lateral Incisor, and the Central Incisor.
Here’s a link from youtube to see what dentists do and what they teach people about dentistry

1 Important thing about dentist is that they work for themselves and they own their own business which is great... All dentists are really good at science and math...

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In order to become a dentist you must be dedicated to it.

  1. Go To School For A Doctoral Or An Professional's Degree

  2. You need to at least be an dental's assistance or an dental hygienists

  3. Learn about teeth and other thing that deals with your mouth

A dentist must also have a license to become a dentist this way the state could trust you and will know that you're not joking about it... In order to get the degree's you must go to school/college and be in school for 8 years...