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Advertising sales agents can prepare promotional they also attend sales meetings.They influences others to buy and we
help them to sell their products. we think creatively to sell the companies items etc This career is for people that can help sell products you can learn but other then that the information says it all.

this job makes you think hard on other people that are trying to beat you on selling the product.
you need to have knowledge to compete with others and have skills in tough situations.also try to havegood communications. we also need be working on our math skills==To become an advertising sales agent you need a training which is in the job training. this meanswhile you work you learn how to do everything. they get coaches that look at them to see how they do or teach them.A high school diploma is enough for an entry level job. Also if you have experiences in sales you are good for it.You need communication skills and organization skills.there are lessons to learn about advertising sales. ==

the salary for this job is about 45,350 a year. also they get paid by there performance.
they can work for a large portion of an advertising sales agents earnings.

they work 40 hours a week. Most work full time
also some work on regular hours and weekends we work on a commission no contact. by this we get paid by every time we sell a product.
we don't have a hours paid job.