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A high school degree or equivalent generally is needed to become a daycare teacher. Usually a bachelor's or associate's degree in early childhood development is not required. However, a degree will help if one is looking toward future advancement within a daycare facility or school.
Salary: $27,842
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Benefits:According to Salary.comAs a day care teacher you will have a rewarding challenging career where you'll see the results of your caring and creative efforts every day. You'll be rewarded by the joy of children's laughter and by watching them grow into independent, unique individuals. It’s not much benefits but, if you love & care for kids enough then, it’s a perfect job for you.

Availabitity ( potential job growth):
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For the sometimes rigorous requirements of this position.Daycare teachers incorporate learning opportunities using a child's natural inclination to play. Therefore, these teachers must create and implement activities and lesson plans that simultaneously engage and educate children. In addition to teaching, these daycare workers often must provide diverse basic care needs, including supplying proper nutrition, performing cleaning duties and dealing with behavioral issues. They also are occasionally tasked with speaking with parents to discuss a child's educational development. Working at a daycare is both mentally and physically demanding, and aspiring daycare teachers should be prepared.
Rules (And penalties):
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It’s alot of care & responsibilities to being a Day Care owner or even just watching kid. Any abuse or maltreatment of a child, either as an incident of discipline or otherwise, is prohibited. A small day care center must prohibit and may not tolerate or in any manner condone an act of abuse or maltreatment by an employee, volunteer or any other person under the provider's control. An abused child or maltreated child means a child defined as an abused child or maltreated child pursuant to section 412 of the Social Services Law.
Opportunties for growth (more money!)
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If i want to continue working with kids but, make more money my only option would & could only be to become a Day Care owner. I would need enough employees & perfect & most convenient location. I would also, need a curtain amount of children, atleast a limit of 10. And.. i would accept kids of all ages but, no older then 4 years of age.
Caveats--Bad things about the job you should know:
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That their isn’t a lot of benefits so, it’s up to you to want to have the patience & support for these kids,
Day Care Teacher: Intoduction ! We need Day Care’s because, children are the most important things. This job is good for me because, kids can be a pain like me. Kids can be annoying and love to play and i’m the exact same way. There’s a lot of teens with kids now so that’s also, another reason why we should have more Day Care’s. I can benefit people by being convent for their schedule. A lot of Day Care’s don’t take kids till there potty trained i’ll be able for babies of any age. I worked in a Day Care when i got accepted to summer youth. I loved that job. It felt so perfect for me. For some reason everyone keeps telling me i won’t be making enough but, i don’t care i’m committed to doing it. I guess i’ll become a Day Care owner then i’ll be set. To be a day care owner i could start off by being a babysitter.