I think that electricity is important because is one of the principal factors that keep the work moving. Almost all electricians work full time, which may include evenings and weekends. Although the work is not as dangerous like some other construction occupations.The reason why I want to become a electrician is because you can earn 48,250 per year just with a high school diploma which is not bad.
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Requirements to be electrician:electrician usually gain career training apprenticeship attending a classroom vocational programs or serving as an electrician helper.Candidates who hold high school diplomas may apply to become apprentices through various union.

Pay:the salary of a electrician depends of where are you located in the U.S for example the best place for a electrician is in New York because they pay the highest average in U.S.The salary for a electrician is around 47,000 per year which is not the best salary,but is still good because you can scale positions and find work fast.

Benefits:electrician receive paid vacations,health and life insurance.

Hours and conditions:electricians work on building under construction,being repaired or altered,They also work a power station.electricians usually work regular hours,but may have to work weekends and be on call.

job outlook:for electricians there is good news in the employment outlook.the u.s bureau of labor statistic predict there will be average growth for electricians through 2018.An encrease demand for electricical work as well the retirement of a large number of electricians will lead to good job prospect over the next several years.


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